Student Volunteers 


Cara Hieker, Writer 

Cara Hieker

Cara is involved in legal analysis, policy-related writing activities, video content analysis, and video editing for Everything Will Be Ukraine.

She writes articles covering topics relevant to Ukraine including sanctions and analysis on their effectiveness in curbing the tide of aggression.

She is involved in analyzing and editing videos of completed interviews, working with the co-organizer to make adjustments to ready them for publishing.

Emir Yazıcı

Emir is involved in legal analysis, policy-related writing activities, regulatory research, and video content analysis for Everything Will Be Ukraine.

He writes articles covering topics relevant to Ukraine including civil and political topics, researches and summarizes the key legal points tied to the written topics, and is also supporting our efforts in building the initiative’s pro bono capabilities through conducting regulatory research.

Lastly, with his video content analysis contributions, he is applying analogous skills with client legal requirements analysis by understanding how to take information gathered from interviews to progress other deliverables for the initiative.

Faith Koh, Interviewer 

Faith Koh

Faith conducts interviewing of charities and law firms in addition to partnership building to support the initiative’s pro bono capabilities.

To support her activities, she researches our interviewees, develops questions relevant to them, and works with our co-organizer in conducting interviews.

Additionally, she applies deeper analytical skills by performing both video content analysis and video editing of completed interviews, readying them for publishing.


Marcus Chan, Impact Reporter

Marcus Chan

Marcus provides impact reporting and additional research support tied to the initiative’s pro bono activities.

Having designed our initial impact reporting template, Marcus has collated information across the initiative’s volunteering activities to date, working with the co-organizer on publishing information to a wider audience.

He has additionally conducted a number of regulatory research activities helping clarify the direction the initiative can take as it develops over time.


Supporting Volunteers

Aminoritse Jemide Ami provides due diligence and impact analysis support relating to our featured and faster impact organizations.
Himani Lakshmi Himani provides partnerships support with organizations ranging from law firms to Ukrainian charities.
Kateryna Chernyshova Kate organizes helpful information to support Ukrainians and translates the materials from English to Ukrainian.

All student volunteers are contributing to the Human Rights Project of the King’s College London Pro Bono Society, which works in partnership with Everything Will Be Ukraine

Leadership & Support

Raihan Islam and Mariana Linichenko, co-organizers of Everything Will Be Ukraine

Raihan Islam, Founder and Co-Organizer | Email
Mariana Linichenko, Co-Organizer | Email

Raihan’s story is on the homepage of Everything Will Be Ukraine ( – his goal is to simplify supporting Ukraine to preserve and protect our democratic institutions and the lives of those impacted by aggression towards Ukraine and its residents. Further detail about him is available at his personal website.

Mariana connects the organization with Ukrainian interviewees and helps improve the long-term initiative operations.

Past Volunteers 

  • Aidan Arnold-Galati
  • Daphne Wong
  • Ela Arenas Eryilmaz